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Advisory represents all that makes our community special. Every student at Voyages participates in Advisory until they graduate. In order to become our best selves - to overcome our challenges, and to take on new ones - we must teach and learn from other people. During Advisory we share feelings, opinions, stories and experiences that we share, those that make us unique and those which bring us closer to each other.

Every student has two advisors: one counselor and one teacher. Advisory groups meet every day during 5th period, and each day of the week we focus on a different area of school and life: Reviewing and strategizing about progress reports; Learning about the social and pragmatic skills which apply to classrooms, hallways, college, and the job world; Exploring current events which captivate, confuse and challenge us; pursuing projects which have meaning to us and which contribute to our community as a whole; and finally, our weekly Advisory Challenge, during which advisories compete in a range of fun, silly, and sometimes truly bizarre activities.