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Key Components

VOYAGES Preparatory High School provides each and every student with the same wrap-around support, exciting and challenging classroom instruction, and comprehensive post-secondary experiences. How do we do this?
  • Small, safe, and student-centered classroom environment
  • Clear communication between and collaboration between school staff to support students, and explicit, consistent boundaries for behavior
  • Entrance "interviews" and individualized schedules
  • Trimester scheduling and weekly progress reports
  • Unyielding adherence to restorative justice principles 
  • Distributive leadership and democratic community structures
  • Discussion and inquiry-based curricula that promote intellectual skills, intrapersonal skills, and interpersonal skills
  • Daily Advisory class co-taught by teachers and school counselors
  • Collaboration/common prep time for all adults on a daily basis
  • Regular visits to 2-and-4 year colleges and universities, cultural institutions, and local businesses

We believe all of these components are not only helpful, but essential in providing young people with the opportunity to be their best selves.